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"education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" 

-Nelson mandela

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C.I.R.E. is committed to bringing forward state and federally accredited cannabis integrated education to all HBCU campuses, 1890 Land-Grant HBCU campuses, colleges + universities, state departments and regulatory agencies. C.I.R.E. provides a complete turnkey solution. These vital pathways in the field of cannabis and hemp are enriched with the core curriculum and standardization of education needed in these burgeoning industries. C.I.R.E. fulfills your need for a customized educational program, CE/CTE, certification, and compliance training desires. We are well equipped with the capacity to launch your program in 60-90 days. 

continuing education ce + training courses cte

"The knowledge I have now is not the knowledge I had then."

-kwame ture (stokely carmichael)

Continuing Education CE
Training Courses CTE

The world of education in the hemp and cannabis industry is vast. The versatility these industries based on this plant is infinite. With this in mind, C.I.R.E. is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive educational and career building experience. After all, your education is your foundation for your future. Let’s get you started.



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Our programs are designed for various sectors of industry in cannabis and hemp.


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Certification Pathways + Initiatives

We center EQUITY in all of our work.

certified programs
  • Medical Applications of Cannabis Program
  • Cannabis Processing Program
  • Industrial Hemp Program
  • Cannabis Horticulture Program
  • Cannabis Dispensary Program
  • Cannabis Executive Program
present-future education
This present-future education is essential to establishing sustainable career and workforce development that continually supports the evolution of the hemp and cannabis industries.
Advancements in research and development are the cornerstone in the human experiment. This technology and methodology offer clearly targeted career pathways in:

  • Career Development
  • Technology
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental Science
  • Pharmacopeia
  • Nutrition



Executive C-Suite

Brand Ambassador

Sales Associate

Store Manager

Wellness Coordinator


Supply Chain Manager

General Manager

Assurance Manager

Lab Technicians

Security Gaurd



Operations Manager

Cultivation Technician

General Labor


Cash Handling

Packaging Specialist

Compliance Specialist

Inventory Controller


Maintenance Technician

Healthcare Professional

Patient Care Technician

Account Manager

Product Manager


Retail Management


Equipment Manufacturers

Technology Innovators

Wholesale Distribution

Extraction Technician

Quality Control Inspector

Consumer Safety

Waste Management

Financial Analyst

Facility Inspector

Regulatory Compliance Officer


Human Resources

Production Manager


Regulatory Compliance Training & Certification

Online Cannabis Compliance Inspections


Our online compliance inspections are automated, remote, and video-based. The process works with Adherence-Trained experts leading the inspection with city, county, or state inspectors. Overall, the process takes about 2-4 hours over a two-day period. The service includes an online inspection with delivery and review of the Risk Report and Risk Score.

Automated Software and Programs

To help you achieve your goals, our solutions platform provides structure and organization to your business model. These internal processes are intended to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and regulatory compliance initiatives. We leverage more than 6 years of cannabis regulatory agency experience to automate your state or local cannabis program.

The ADCOCloud

Our ADCOCloud enables agencies to implement low- to no-cost cannabis regulatory programs. We help to obtain the regulatory inspection data you need – including inventory, compliance, and audit reports. We will also assist you in managing an effective, data-driven cannabis regulatory program that measures financial and operational compliance.

Financial Risk Management

Our Cannabis Inventory Compliance Reports, including our new Cannabis Inventory Risk ScoreTM, along with monthly and annual audit reports, will provide you with everything you need to effectively assess if licensed operators are paying you what is owed.

Operational Risk Management

Our ADCOCloud Apps include risk assessments, risk reports, a Regulatory Code Search, analytics, and more key data points for inspecting, managing, and reporting required by cannabis licensed operators.
Automated cannabis program monitoring components include:
· Cannabis Compliance Training Courses (up to 20 hours)
· Financial Risk Management
· Operational Risk Management
· Monthly Regulatory Program Management

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Skilled professionals



Industry Partner


We at The Hemp Plastic Company are committed to helping our customers reduce fossil fuel plastic and carbon emissions quickly, easily and affordably. Our bioplastics offer a game-changing solution to manufacturers who wish to produce affordable products that benefit our

Our commitment is to our community: our planet, investors, customers, suppliers, neighbors and employees. We offer premium eco-friendly biocomposite and bioplastic solutions in volume today that help reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable production.

We all must take immediate positive action. Our intent is to raise awareness and offer comparably-priced polymer alternatives to help our customers achieve their sustainability objectives.planet.

Industry Partner


C.I.R.E. and PBX are commited to supporting HBCU’s and 1890 Land-grant Institutions in further advancing their education and applicable technical skills in the utilization of the PBX (Pure Botanical Extraction) Standard. This innovative technology by Comerg Pure 5 machine holds 4 patents and its methods is considered FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). PBX provides comprehensive formulation recipes and standards from over five years of historical extraction performances.

Industry Partner


Cannabis RegTech and compliance automation applications for reducing regulatory and financial risk.

C.I.R.E. and AdcoCloud are committed to supporting 1890 Land-grant HBCU’s, their student, staff and faculty in becoming the nations leaders in providing essential compliance, regulatory monitoring and reporting, and adherance to specific state and local guidelines involing all aspects of the hemp and cannabis plant. This will be achieved through supporting the development, education, and certification of all individuals utilizing state and local mandates and reporting metrics as the guide. Train, Educate and Develop the Next career ready workforce to lead Compliance at local, state and federal levels.

The cannabis industry’s first cloud-based, agile enterprise platform for cannabis compliance inspections and risk management. Adherence developed the industry’s first automated compliance management software solution and license-based risk score in June 2014. Since then, our Adherence SCORE App has been used to conduct thousands of regulatory and financial cannabis compliance inspections. See why cities, counties, banks, attorneys and CPAs trust Adherence.


Every network partner is committed to core competency, ethics, regulatory compliance in the development of a responsible workforce.



With deep knowledge of operational and regulatory issues for each type of operator (cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers) in the hemp and cannabis industries, Brian Beck is a master connector, able to identify common interests and synergies among individuals and businesses for mutual benefit. He is a problem-solver with a proven record of success, supporting businesses at various stages in their growth cycles. Mr. Beck is a skillful relationship builder, manager, and exemplary communicator, building turnkey capacity among team members, business partners, and investors across the globe.

Mr. Beck has over 30 years of experience in Executive Educational Leadership. During his 5-year tenure as President of United Hemp Specialty Services and 25 years as an Educational Leader, Executive Director, and LEA Superintendent, he has used his vast experience to curate mission-driven partnerships with major service providers for the hemp, cannabis, and regulatory compliance in the educational, training, and certification spaces. Mr. Beck fully understands the critical need for accredited, rigorous, and industry-related programs to ensure that a present-to-future workforce is ready to accelerate and sustain the quickly evolving cannabis industry.

Mr. Beck has focused 100% of his professional commitment and effort on developing first-in-class educational partnerships to drive this mission. He has fostered gold-standard relationships with like-minded industry experts, minority farming co-ops, and other unique industrial hemp and cannabis businesses. A growing list of businesses and agriculturalists have provided written commitments to support this mission. Such relationships have the capacity to support collaborative research and development efforts, internships, grants, and other exploratory in-person experiences for students, staff, and faculty. Mr. Beck currently holds two hemp and cannabis industry certifications and is pursuing additional certification in regulatory compliance.


Resource One Nursery’s main crop function is producing various hardwood seedlings and specialty tree crops. They perform planting and transplanting services for conservation, wildlife, and other reforestation programs. In 2001, RON was chosen as The SBA 8(a) Service Firm of the Year in Louisiana. For more than 20 years, RON has continued to provide quality trees and planting services to such valued customers as the USDA/NRCS, US Fish & Wildlife, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. RON’s agribusiness and farming expertise have built extensive relationships across the region which they have now applied to their expansion. They are helping to create jobs in rural communities, developing pathways for other small farmers and minority business who are committed to hemp advancements.


Telluric Global’s name comes from the scientific term telluric, a natural electrical current found on and beneath the surface of the Earth. Like telluric currents, the cannabis industry is defined by ebbs and flows. The Telluric Global team helps cannabis businesses establish payment processing systems that flow naturally. The company’s reputation has been built on decades of traditional cannabis and hemp experience and assists businesses with payment processing. Co-founder Sarah Bennett brings more than 16 years of direct experience in the cannabis and hemp industry and holds a fully approved cannabis license. TG systems support recreational and medical dispensaries, wholesale distribution, and cultivation. Its portfolio extends from non-profit membership organizations to corporate-level executives. TG’s business model focuses on government relations, legislation development, and advisory rules that affect change.

Telluric Global is classified as an award-winning Master Cannabis Grower. Their service to clients embodies methodologies no other firms can claim due to TG’s four decades of hands-on experience on the front lines of the cannabis and hemp industries. TG provides a suite of services including but not limited to product creation through market immersion, brand development, marketing & storytelling, and administrative services. Their system evaluations provide clients with a road map and recommendations for assessing the operations, financials, licensing, and application preparations. They also provide solutions designed to address any obstacle, challenge, or roadblock.

TG leadership functions with integrity, tenacity, and an ability to thrive under pressure. The TG team has mastered the art of establishing market collateral even when businesses face short deadlines. It is their goal to empower others to meet their business goals. Telluric Global gets business flowing naturally, as the name suggests.


Holistic Modalities is a quintessential wholesale distributor of hemp goods founded by entrepreneur Tom Pankratz. Tom has developed a proven skill set through a vast network of strategic relationships. HM offers a state-of-the-art B2B Wholesale Shopping Portal that provides access to carefully curated hemp brands across the US.

The portal provides an easy-to-use platform 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Licensed retailers are allowed to purchase top-of-the-line, quality hemp brands at exceptional prices. In addition, Holistic Modalities prides itself on educating its retailers on key strategies and selling points supported by analytical data that reinforces consumer safety.

HM’s success is in its capacity to expand retail shelves with quality, healthy products. Salient features of Holistic Modalities’ portfolio include:

  • Curated brands with the power of quality
  • Leading U.S.A. Hemp Brands
  • Multiple categories for expanding retail
  • Finished or White Label products
  • Customized shopping experience through the B2B portal
  • Intentional Ingredients that promote safety

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